♡W A I♡ an eager beaver 💪💪💪👀



花露水 雪花膏 月份牌 萨克斯风


long time no c

Going to Singapore in July
Sing a song and dance to it 💃

Or just like this one,I like the feeling.
I like my thick lips and my weird eyebrows.I like my weak points,I enjoy trying to make them into the strong ones.

Catch something when u r not ready and its cool.

I was in such a cute hairstyle last year!!!And I'm looking so cute.I was thin at that time because I was under huge pressure.At that time,I'm facing the final examination to enter senior high school,I didn't eat much everyday,and I cried a lot,for my score and boys(Boys are always annoying).
Everything is changing now,I like my long hair without a ban and I also like the cuter one.Because I'm always ENJOYING THE LIFE.

Me and my double space buns.I like new hair styles because they make my   day fresher,and I'm trying to chanllen ge myself everyday,so that I can grow strong someday.
Mum asked me:"Are u crazy??!"
I said :"I only wish I WOULD BE CRAZY."

GODIVA ice cream